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Luzhou Stock Exchange Futures: steady progress in crude oil. Shanghai oil company should wait and see for a while. I. market description the recent trend of crude oil has been relatively stable, and has reached new highs relying on the 5-day moving average. On the contrary, the trend of Shanghai oil market is obviously weak. Its trend has basically formed a fixed pattern, with high opening and falling. In terms of the main contract 805, it opened higher at 4379 yuan on Wednesday. After a slight upward effort, it fell sharply and closed at 4331 yuan, down 15 yuan from the previous trading day. However, the trading volume and positions increased slightly, indicating that investors' differences on the future trend are increasing. The daily K-line continued to fluctuate at a high level, but supported by the short-term moving average, MACD was still at a high level and required to be repaired

II. Fundamental analysis

on Wednesday, US crude oil futures hit a new high of US $109.92 per barrel, breaking through US $110 per barrel at one point in the session. The exchange rate of the US dollar against the euro hit a new low, and the atmosphere of "reading data" increased

eia is also examining the problem. As of last week, the US crude oil inventory increased by 6.2 million barrels to 311.6 million barrels, significantly higher than expected

imf and EIA statistics show that the daily export volume of crude oil in UAE was about 2.564 million barrels in 2006, and increased to 2.6 million barrels in 2007. It is expected that the oil export volume of UAE will increase to nearly 2.7 million barrels per day in 2008. Due to the steady increase of energy production in UAE in recent years, UAE has become the third largest oil exporter in the world in 2006

the OPEC Secretariat said on the 12th that the package oil price broke through 100 for the first time on the 11th, reaching US $100.57 per barrel. OPEC's daily average oil price rose for four consecutive trading days and reached a new high since the 6th

Asian fuel oil prices fell on Wednesday. Weighed down by the decline in the futures market, the fuel oil cracking price gap continued to fall into a deep discount, reflecting the imbalance between market supply and demand 180CST fuel oil fell $1.70 to $498.50 per ton. The price difference was roughly the same as yesterday, and it was reported at a discount of nearly $1.70 Traders said the market is still short of low viscosity and low density fuel oil, but it continues to suffer from weak demand

III. in the future, it is judged that the steady new highs of the trend of crude oil have made the atmosphere of long-term speculation stronger, aiming to achieve the ultimate utilization of new materials, but the future correction has further increased. The trend of domestic Shanghai oil is obviously weak. After the crude oil stands at the $110 level, it is likely to form a round of make-up. However, investors are advised to be cautious and wait-and-see

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