The production enterprises' inventory reduction sp

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Production enterprises' inventory reduction speed is slightly slow, and the pressure to raise prices is slightly high

chitosan can be identified by two indicators: appearance (the whiter the appearance is, the better) and deacetylation degree (the higher the deacetylation degree is, the better). Today, the overall trend of the glass spot market is stable, and the strong cooperation of production enterprises in the field of material experiment is basically normal. The market quotation maintains the previous level, and the sporadic rise in some regions has little impact on the overall price. At present, traders have basically completed stock preparation and replenishment. Recently, most of them are directly shipped to downstream processing enterprises to reduce intermediate transportation links and costs

the overall trend of the spot market in East China is stable, the production and sales of production enterprises are basically normal, and the prices remain stable. At present, the orders of processing enterprises are generally after the start of construction, and there is no hurry to prepare a large number of goods. Basically purchase on demand. The inactive purchase of processing enterprises also increases the difficulty for traders to purchase again. In terms of structure, the operating rate of foreign trade export processing enterprises is slightly better than that of domestic processing market orders. The inventory of production enterprises is basically normal, with some improvement compared with that after the Spring Festival holiday. However, East China enterprises should be cautious about the later market. The main reason is that glass in Hubei has a great impact on Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai; The number of glass flowing into the East China market in Shahe area is also relatively large. The contradiction between supply and demand in the region is difficult to ease in the short term

the overall trend of the South China market is stable, the delivery of production enterprises is basically normal, and the market price is stable. After the price rise in South China last week, it has played a guiding role in the market, and the replenishment rate of traders and processing enterprises is normal. At present, the order situation of processing enterprises is acceptable, which is better than that in the northern region. However, the spot price is too high, which is likely to cause excessive inflow of glass from other cities. Therefore, the later production enterprises are more cautious in price adjustment. The overall market trend in Central China is acceptable. The production enterprises mainly increase the outbound and withdrawal funds, and the prices are temporarily stable. The inventory of some manufacturers is relatively large

the overall trend of the North China market is acceptable, the delivery of production enterprises is basically normal, and the quotations of some manufacturers are rising. On the whole, the current operating rate of processing enterprises in North China is average. From the perspective of orders, foreign trade processing orders are better than domestic building decoration orders. In Shahe area, the delivery speed of manufacturers has slowed down slightly in the past two days. Low price manufacturers are still able to maintain a balance between production and sales, and some large enterprises with relatively high prices are under great inventory pressure. Most traders maintain a certain inventory level and generally supply goods directly from manufacturers to downstream processing enterprises. Inventories of production enterprises in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region were basically normal, and prices of some manufacturers rose

the overall trend of the southwest market is still 11 years old, the ring ratio of production enterprises' delivery has increased slightly, and the market price has maintained the previous level. With the gradual commencement of processing enterprises, the speed of traders' stocking has accelerated

after the Spring Festival holiday, the quotations of manufacturers in Northeast China rose continuously. The main purpose was to set off the market atmosphere and prepare for the later market launch. At present, the local terminal demand has not been started, and the stocking speed of traders is average

the overall trend of the Northwest market is general, the production and sales rate of production enterprises is relatively low, and the quantity of goods picked up by traders is limited. A market coordination meeting will be held tomorrow. Some manufacturers' price increases set off the market atmosphere. There is not much effective demand

future overview:

the current spot market trend is slightly worse than expected, the inventory reduction speed of production enterprises is slightly slower, and the pressure to raise prices is slightly greater. On the one hand, the production capacity has increased too much since last year; On the other hand, the current high spot sales price makes it difficult for processing enterprises to undertake orders; Moreover, the decline in the price of upstream raw materials makes the processing enterprises have the expectation of reducing inventory. It is expected that in the short term, the production enterprises will mainly increase the delivery, and the price adjustment will not be large


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