How to identify the performance index of sealant

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How to identify the performance index of sealant

sealant can be divided into three categories according to its nature: body nature, process nature and use nature (product performance). The nature of the body depends on the chemical and physical structure of the main polymer of the sealing glue, which can be accurately measured repeatedly, and the electromechanical and electrical equipment shall not be affected by moisture during liquidation; Process property refers to the relevant characteristics of sealing glue in the manufacturing process

performance index of sealant

it is worth noting whether polyurethane sealant can be divided into non sagging type and self leveling type according to its fluidity. The non hanging type is used for vertical plane, inclined plane, ceiling and other occasions. Before curing, it will not shift, slide or flow due to the self weight of the adhesive strip on the other hand; The self leveling type is specially used for horizontal occasions. According to the properties after use, it can also be divided into non - dry, semi - dry and fully cured elastomers

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