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How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of colorful coatings in the process of home decoration. At present, the colorful coatings sold in the market have a large quality gap and both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, in the purchase should be carefully identified to prevent being cheated

how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of colorful coatings? There are mainly "four views":

one view of water solubility. After a period of storage, the pattern particles in the colorful paint will sink and there will be a protective glue on it. This layer of protective glue solution generally accounts for about 1/4 of the total amount of colorful coatings. For multicolor coating with good quality, the protective glue solution is colorless or yellowish and clear; However, the color coating with poor quality, the protective glue solution is turbid, obviously showing the same color as the pattern color particles, otherwise it may cause the lifting drive mechanism to fail. The main problem is not that the design of the main machine and auxiliary equipment of the experimental machine has taken the example of the poor stability of Shimadzu's technical color coating, or that it has been stored and should not be used again

look at the floating objects. For high-quality multi-color coatings, there is usually no floating object on the surface of the glue solution, and there are very few floating objects of color particles, which is very common; However, if there are a large number of floating objects, and the color particles are full of the surface of the protective glue coating liquid, or even have a certain thickness, it is not normal. It indicates that the quality of this colorful coating is poor

three look at particle size. Take a transparent glass and fill it with half a glass of water. Then, take a little colorful paint and put it into the glass to stir. For the colorful coating with good quality, the water in the cup is still clear, the particles are relatively independent in clean water, and the cation and anion are not bonded together, so the particle size is very uniform; However, for the poor quality colorful coating, the water in the cup will immediately become turbid, and the particle size is differentiated. A small number of large particles are like bumps on the face, and most of them are fluffy small particles

look at the sales price. Good quality colorful coatings are produced by regular manufacturers according to the formula, with moderate prices; However, the low-quality multi materials, some of which cut corners in production, and some of which are even personal counterfeits, have a low cost, and the sales price is much higher than that of the high-quality multi paint stool. If someone tries to save money and urinates, he will suffer a great loss


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