The cultural paper market on the island is heating

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The island's cultural paper market is heating up

the island's cultural paper has been booming since this year, and Yongfeng started construction on the fourth day of the lunar new year to meet the market demand. Industrial paper will enter the peak replenishment season after the new year, with strong software encapsulation, convenient operation and comprehensive functions; There is a standard experimental procedure. Although Zhenglong has raised the price of core paper, it still has one or two price concessions

in response to the increase of pulp prices by international pulp mills in the fourth quarter of last year, the positive growth rate of industrial paper leaders was higher than that of last October. The prices of core paper and face paper were increased by 500 yuan per metric ton to 1.0 yuan per metric ton, and the amount of consumables was reduced by 00 yuan. After that, the price of white paperboard was raised by 10% in January this year

yongfengyu raised the price of cultural paper by 5-10% this month. Zhenglong recently announced that the price of core paper will be raised by 500 yuan per metric ton after the Chinese New Year

the industry pointed out that the first quarter of each year is the lightest season in terms of the low and peak sales season of industrial paper. In particular, the industry does not purchase cement in January. Although there are national standards for the strength test method, it will not replenish the cement until after the new year. The performance in February will be better than that in January

after Zhenglong announced to increase the price of core paper, there will still be one or two price concessions. Therefore, the operators will still enjoy the discount of the old price when purchasing after the new year. Therefore, the actual transaction price of core paper will not be officially increased until March

as for cultural paper, after yongfengyu announced the increase in February, Zhenglong and other companies said that as yongfengyu is the largest manufacturer of cultural paper, the market share of other manufacturers is not high, and most of them will follow up. However, they will increase after the base note

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