The production equipment of an illegal paper mill

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Recently, the Safety Supervision Bureau of Jianli County, together with the people's Government of Zhuhe Town, banned and shut down an illegal paper mill in the town according to law, and sealed up and dismantled its production equipment

according to the investigation, the paper mill uses the backward production process and equipment that are officially banned by the state, has no pollution control facilities and any business license, and has major potential safety hazards. It belongs to the "15 small enterprises" that are officially prohibited by the state. The safety supervision and law enforcement officers ordered him to stop production immediately, cut off power on the spot for this illegal paper mill, and banned the shutdown according to law

it is understood that the paper mill has built factories in many places and was forced to relocate due to management or environmental protection problems. In 2017, the safety committee of Zhuhe town inspected the enterprise for many times. The township government and the township Safety Committee issued rectification notices on january9,2018, may10,2018 and november5,2018 respectively, ordering the removal of s-cardboard strength coefficient except for the boiler and the closure of the plant. However, the enterprise complied with the rectification notice issued by the town government and the town safety committee, closed down for several days, and then started work secretly. In this case, the township Safety Committee specially requested the government to take power-off measures and shut down

the crackdown on illegal production (9) and the ultrasonic flaw detection method for copper alloy bars (gb/t3310- ⑴ 999) successfully cracked down on and deterred illegal production, further safeguarded the safety of people's lives and property and the long-term stability of society, and effectively improved the production and living environment of local people


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