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The production cost of changing packaging of Hangzhou milk has increased.

this summer, a fierce milk price war swept through Hangzhou. The milk prices of many best-selling brands even hit a "bargain price" lower than the price of pure water. However, during this period of time, with the increase of costs and packaging changes, milk prices are gradually rebounding. Some price sensitive consumers have obviously felt the changes in the retail price of milk

milk enterprises consider raising prices appropriately

yesterday, aunt Jiang, an old customer of Hangzhou "Yichu Lotus" supermarket, told her that her family drank Shuangfeng milk. In the past, if you bought a large box, you could get a medium box of complimentary milk. Now you can only take a small box

it is learned from the supermarket that in the past, a box of 950ml pure milk was purchased for 5.4 yuan, and customers can get another box of 500ml milk as a gift; Now I can only get a box of 200ml free. In this regard, Lin safety protection Yongyu, general manager of Hangzhou new hope Shuangfeng Dairy Co., Ltd., said that they do have the idea of raising the price appropriately, because the quantity of gifts for the "buy 950ml and get 500ml free" preferential package in the middle of the year has exceeded 50% of the quantity of genuine products, and such preferential strength is an extraordinary measure in an extraordinary period; But now the cost has increased, and if the discount continues, the dairy obviously can't stop it

linyongyu said that the prices of pure milk and yoghurt using its fresh milk as raw material will increase next year; However, the price of ordinary milk varieties is still uncertain

it is understood that several other milk enterprises in Hangzhou also have plans to raise prices appropriately

In September this year, the State Council issued the notice of the general office of the State Council on strengthening the production, operation and management of liquid milk. According to the notice, where reconstituted milk is used in the production and processing of sterilized milk, yogurt and other products, regardless of the quantity, the manufacturer shall mark the word "reconstituted milk" on its product packaging as of october15,2005

however, it was learned from Hangzhou Agricultural Bureau yesterday that only two of the 13 milk production enterprises in Hangzhou have marked "recovered milk" in accordance with the requirements of the notice. Obviously, changing the packaging increases the production cost of the dairy

linyongyu, a bimodal farmer, told us that sheep grass and alfalfa were mainly used to raise cows. At present, the price of Leymus chinensis has risen from 0.7 yuan/kg to 1 yuan/kg, and that of alfalfa has risen from 0.8 yuan/kg to 1.25 yuan/kg; However, a cow needs to eat 20 kg of feed for its small size. Therefore, the substantial increase in feeding costs also forces enterprises to get out of the vicious circle of competition as soon as possible

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