How to identify sapphire glass

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How to identify the authenticity of sapphire glass

sapphire symbolizes loyalty, constancy, love and honesty. Starlight sapphire is also known as the "stone of fate", which can bless the wearer's peace and good luck. Sapphire is a high-grade gem and one of the five gemstones. Except diamond, sapphire is harder than any other natural material. Sapphire is more and more widely used in daily life. Many jewelry lovers compete to buy collections, and there is a market when there is demand. However, we all know that this kind of gem is very precious. Glass is the most common sapphire in the market. So how do you know whether a large number of sapphires circulating in the market are true or false? Here are some identification tips to share with you

1. The glass is molded under high temperature and naturally shrinks after cooling, with the plane sunken inward. The concave phenomenon is not easy to be found by the naked eye. A magnifying glass must be used. When a magnifying glass is used, it cannot be focused in a straight line, but it should be focused in an oblique direction, so it is easy to find concave surfaces. Concave surfaces are usually glass. The polishing of gemstones usually achieves a very flat effect

2。 There are many kinds of inclusions in glass, the most common is bubbles, while gemstones have no bubbles. Bubbles in the glass can be found by observing with a 10x magnifying glass

3 drop a small drop of water on the surface of the tested glass. If the drop is obviously in the shape of a high bead, it is sapphire glass; If the water drops disperse, it will not be sapphire glass, the international science and technology feast glass that was first unveiled in Ningbo. Any liquid thing, a small drop on a smooth medium surface, will have different liquid level heights. The density and specific gravity of sapphire are relatively large, and the surface is more smooth and delicate

4。 If it is a regular brand watch, sapphire glass is usually printed on the back cover of the watch. It is expressed in English sapphire or sapphire crystal. Now, even for fake watches or counterfeit watches, sapphire glass is also common. To test the hardness of the watch glass, you can use a sharp metal object similar to a needle to scratch the most inappropriate part of the glass edge. It feels very hard. There is a feeling that the metal object has floated. The glass has not been scratched. That should be sapphire glass

5。 Sapphire is as valuable as ruby. If the color, clarity and cutting are good, the price is very high. The manufacturer should respond to the software control system for the equipment. A small sapphire usually costs tens of thousands of yuan. However, there are a lot of fake sapphires in the market. Therefore, we must be careful. We can buy a high-quality sapphire for a small amount of money, which is mostly cheated

6。 Gently tap the surface. Remember, if it is light, the fake is likely to be broken. If the sound is dull, it is the sapphire crystal surface. If it is ordinary crystal or glass, the sound is relatively clear

7. Professional and authoritative equipment testing is the safest, most reliable and reassuring.

do you remember the above points? Sapphire is expensive and rare. It's really sad to buy a fake. You must pay attention to the sources of the above information when purchasing. The information is compiled and released by the global glass. CN department. The content is for reference only

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