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How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of energy-saving lamps

energy-saving lamps are increasingly welcomed by consumers because of their obvious power-saving effect, long service life, no stroboscopic effect, no noise, soft light and wide working voltage range. At present, there are many energy-saving lamps on the market, with mixed quality. How to choose the products you are satisfied with from the dazzling array of energy-saving lamps in the lamp shop? The advantages and disadvantages of energy-saving lamps can be identified through "five views", which are introduced as follows

look at the packaging and trademark

the state compels energy-saving lamp products to mark the following contents on the outer packaging: source mark, rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and rated frequency when you select the tension machine. Mark the current of the lamp and other supplementary instructions related to safe use on the lamp, on the package or on the operation manual. Generally speaking, the trademark printing quality of high-quality products is good, the font is clear, and it is not easy to fall off. Wipe it with a soft wet cloth, and the mark is clear and legible, and it is not easy to erase. There are the manufacturer's trademark and relevant certification marks. The printing quality of fake and inferior products is poor, the font is fuzzy, easy to erase, and there is no manufacturer's trademark and relevant certification mark

second, look at the quality of plastic parts

the plastic shell of the energy-saving lamp must be made of flame-retardant engineering plastic, which has the advantages of heat resistance and flame retardancy, good electrical insulation, high hardness, good rigidity, crack resistance, easy printing, white and no color change. Disadvantages: the cost is a little expensive. Ordinary plastics shall not be used in the production of energy-saving lamps. The fake and inferior products are made of medium and low-grade plastics. Their heat resistance and flame retardance do not meet the standard requirements. They are brittle, easy to crack, easy to turn yellow and fade, and there are potential safety hazards

three look at the appearance of the lamp tube

compare several lamp tubes together. Most of the lamp tubes with good consistency in shape and size are mass-produced products with guaranteed quality. At the same time, the shell shall be free of cracks and looseness, and the seal shall be free of prying marks. During installation and disassembly, the lamp cap shall be free of looseness and head deflection

sikan lamp phosphor

high quality products are coated with rare earth trichromatic phosphor, which has high luminous efficiency, high color rendering index, good thermal stability, resistance to light failure caused by 185nm ultraviolet light and long service life. A high-quality energy-saving lamp is equivalent to the use time of 3 to 8 low-quality energy-saving lamps, but the price is high. The fake and inferior products are coated with halogen powder or mixed powder of rare earth trichromatic phosphor mixed with halogen powder. Its luminous efficiency is 30% lower than that of rare earth trichromatic phosphor. Its color rendering index is the largest single 1 market in the downstream of chemical industry. It has poor thermal stability, serious light failure and short service life. It is especially unsuitable to be used in thin tube fluorescent lamps. The identification methods are as follows: 1. Lighting on the palm: let the light of the energy-saving lamp shine on the palm. If the palm looks ruddy and vibrant, it is a three primary color energy-saving lamp; If it looks blue and bloodless, it is a halogen energy-saving lamp. 23. the belt of the unit driven oil pump is loose. Look at the lighting time method: if the normal brightness, bright and soft, can be achieved after several minutes of lighting, it is a three primary color energy-saving lamp; Once powered on, the brightness reaches the peak value, the brightness is low, the light color turns blue, and it appears pale and powerless. It is a halogen lamp

v. see the quality of electronic ballast

high quality products are produced through reasonable circuit design and selection of high-quality electronic components. They have low calorific value, high power factor, filter components, low harmonic content, basically no electromagnetic interference to electrical equipment, and the designed working frequency is high, basically reaching the level of no stroboscopic light source, protecting consumers' eyesight and health. In order to save production costs, fake and inferior products are assembled and produced by outsourcing inferior electronic ballasts. The quality cannot be guaranteed and the failure rate is high. Serious safety problems such as fire may be caused


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