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On December 7, it was learned that Lanzhou Petrochemical Company had produced 41000 tons of butanone products in the first 11 months of this year. According to the current price, it was estimated that more than 1million yuan could be created every day in October and November

in the second half of this year, with the rise of international crude oil prices, the prices of domestic petrochemical products continued to rise. In September, the market price of butanone products began to rise sharply in a relatively short time, creating a new situation for Lanzhou Petrochemical butanone to increase production and efficiency. The export amount of extruder was lower than that in the same period last year. As an important butanone production enterprise in China, Lanzhou Petrochemical attaches great importance to it, and has held special meetings for many times to coordinate the oil refineries and rubber plants to increase the supply of raw materials for butanone production by adjusting process operations, so as to fully organize and ensure the increase of butanone production. In October, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company adopted strict and fine management, intensified technical research, successively solved key technical problems affecting product quality, and finally made the product quality rate reach 100%. Two sets of butanone units were in South Africa. When the load could not rise any more, Nigeria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia were the four countries with the largest demand in the flexible packaging market in the Middle East and Africa, producing 4800 tons of butanone, creating a new level of unit production

in order to promote butanone sales, Lanzhou Petrochemical has determined and implemented the agent sales model in East China and South China, and actively explored overseas markets. This year, it has exported 6700 tons to South Korea and other countries, further consolidating its leading position in South China, East China and overseas markets

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