How to identify high-quality plastic packaging bag

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How to identify high-quality plastic packaging bags

now we are constantly improving in our lives, and we are also very concerned about the relationship between the quality of life

this point on the paper package attracted everyone's attention. Everyone says that health is bliss, hehe. If you are rich, but have no experience of happiness. All my life I've been rather resentful., Well, we mainly look at the emotional health of living. It's because I care about food, film and paper packaging, practice and so on. In view of the above situation, the manager of Cangzhou hannuo plastic packaging Co., Ltd. must give you some introductions, and feelings can help you. No, the exchange contactor is closed. Sorry, I said some nonsense.: By choosing and using their regular plastic packaging bags, covestro hopes to break the traditional situation that the traditional chemical industry only paid attention to industrial production and did not care about the market and customer requirements in the past through such a "point-to-surface" approach. It should pay attention to the following points: 1 The plastic packaging bags shall be free of odor, economic development power and structural adjustment when leaving the warehouse. For the sake of safety, some plastic packaging bags with considerable flavor shall not be used on the membrane paper packaging. 2. the outer package of the plastic packaging bag must be marked in Chinese with the name, address and product store of the factory, and the words for food are not written in the two prominent parts. After the products leave the factory, the product inspection certificate is written. 3. buy food effectively. Spend some money in large businesses and refrain from buying food at street stalls. 4. some plastic packaging bags are not used for food packaging for safety reasons. Because this kind of plastic packaging bag is often made of recycled plastic. 5. only because plastic packaging bags are not easy to degrade, they all cause environmental pollution. Therefore, when purchasing food, they are effective and good green packaging materials

6. Try not to add coating and plating products. Now the packaging design, of course, is to make the packaging more beautiful, corrosion-resistant, long-term use of materials with plating. You not only bring difficulties to the material recycling and reuse after the product is scrapped, but also most of the coatings are toxic. If you eat these packaged foods, you will do great harm to your health. In addition, the whole process of coating and plating has also brought great pollution to the facilities. Such as toxic solvent gas volatilized from coating, waste liquid and residue pollution containing chromium and other heavy metals produced during electroplating, etc. Therefore, packaging materials without coating and plating shall be selected as far as possible. Well, these are the descriptions of the best aspects that our company should pay attention to when purchasing plastic packaging bags. When you spend some money on plastic packaging bags for food, you can also refer to spending some money on high-quality plastic packaging bags


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