The crude oil of Jinrui futures rebounded strongly

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Jinrui Futures - crude oil rebounded strongly Shanghai oil opened higher and went lower to cover the gap on Thursday night, the international oil price rebounded strongly, and NYMEX crude oil jumped to the highest point since the 17th day of computer high-speed sampling. The weakness of the US dollar pushed up commodity prices in general. The tension between Russia and the West and the worry that tropical storm Fay may return to the oil producing area - the Gulf of Mexico, etc. a series of positive factors pushed up the oil prices in New York and London by more than US $5, both of which closed above US $120. At present, the crude oil will test the pressure level of $126 in the interactive discussion

driven by the strong rise of the external market, Shanghai oil opened with a large jump of 5048 this morning, with a jump gap of 159 yuan. The huge jump gap made Shanghai oil staged a market to cover the gap today. Finally, it closed at 4980, and the settlement price rose 144 points

in the spot market, although the spot price of Whampoa has remained basically unchanged recently, the external oil price continues to rise, which inevitably increases the bullish mentality of sellers. However, the current performance of the buyer's market is still quiet, and the market trading volume is not large. The price of 180CST for import mix adjustment was at yuan/ton, which was more stable than yesterday. The increase in the quantity of imported oil is hopeless this month. However, the significant decline in the spot market price in Singapore this month compared with last month has attracted the attention of importers. In addition, the current market price is not a big problem for power plants to accept, and the import volume may increase next month

from the perspective of MACD, DEA goes up through diff, and the strength of various parties has increased significantly. In the future market, Shanghai oil and Gas Industry Co., Ltd. is concerned about the trend of external crude oil. Investors should pay attention to controlling their positions, and it is recommended to keep some long positions

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