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OKI printer will carry out the low-carbon revolution to the end

at the end of 2009, the convening of the world climate conference focused global attention. Negotiators from 192 countries gathered in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, to jointly discuss the global emission reduction agreement from 2012 to 2020. At the meeting, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao solemnly announced China's carbon emission reduction targets to the world. By 2020, China's carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP will be 40% ~ 50% lower than that in 2005. Therefore, the curtain of a low-carbon economy has been slowly opened in 2010

the so-called low-carbon economy is to reduce the consumption of high-carbon energy such as coal and oil as much as possible and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through technological innovation, institutional innovation, industrial transformation, new energy development and other means, so as to achieve a win-win situation between economic development and ecological environment protection. It can be predicted that the low-carbon economy initiated and actively promoted by the national government will undoubtedly become the wind vane for the development of the IT industry in the future. As an important part of industry development, it enterprises play an important role in this change. In fact, globally, some socially conscious enterprises are contributing to the development of low-carbon economy through their own environmental protection undertakings

oki: pioneer of low-carbon economy

as a world-famous commercial printing solution provider with a time of 1~2 seconds, Oki has always regarded energy conservation and environmental protection as an important social and obligation of corporate citizens since its establishment in 1881, and has become a pioneer of developing low-carbon economy. OKI's corporate philosophy is to provide products for the development of the information society with an enterprising spirit and contribute to the realization of a happy and happy life for people all over the world. In 2010, Oki will, as always, carry out the low-carbon revolution to the end! Said dongrunyilang, chairman of Oki richong commercial (Beijing) Co., Ltd

in recent years, Oki, starting from the enterprise itself, has taken minimizing the emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that may cause greenhouse effect in enterprise operation as the primary policy. OKI's independent action plan for the electrical and electronic industries aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per unit output value by more than 35% by 2010 compared with 1990. As of 2008, the reduction rate of Oki carbon emission reduction has reached 68.8% compared with 1990, significantly exceeding the emission reduction target. In addition, Oki has actively responded to the call of governments and carried out a wide range of tree planting carbon compensation activities in Europe and Southeast Asia, as well as the use of recycled work uniforms and other measures

led makes printing more environmentally friendly

oki is the first enterprise in the world to introduce LED technology into the printer field. So far, Oki is still the leading image source of LED printing technology: MIT leader. In this regard, Dongrun Ichiro is full of confidence. LED is recognized worldwide as the representative of energy-saving and environmental protection technology, and led printing technology is an innovation in the printer field to explore the low-carbon market. The use of LED technology has greatly reduced the internal components of the printer. With the continuous updating of the LED print head, the volume of the printer is also shrinking. From the production end, the use of production materials is reduced, which is the most prominent in terms of environmental protection and energy saving

at the same time, due to the use of LED technology, the printer can ensure low radiation, very low ozone emission and low noise during operation. As the volume of the LED printer is shrinking, there are few loading and releasing cyclic filling materials in the packaging box and inside, which can greatly reduce the production and use of auxiliary materials and contribute to environmental protection

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