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On July 1, the 7000 meter electric drill belonging to Sinopec Zhongyuan oil field drifted on the vast sea for 23 days and more than 6400 nautical miles, and successfully arrived at Dammam port, Saudi Arabia. This is the 25th drilling rig that Zhongyuan Oilfield has entered the Saudi petroleum engineering market. So far, Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. has become the world's No. 1 oil injection molding machine giant, and the Engel group headquartered in Austria is producing a large machine company, the largest onshore drilling contractor of Saudi Aramco

Saudi Arabia is the largest oil kingdom in the world. Aramco is the only oil company in Saudi Arabia, and its crude oil production and export ranks first in the world. Saudi Arabia's petroleum engineering market has a high technical starting point and high management standards, leading the development trend of the world's advanced technology and equipment. It is an important field for the world's top petroleum engineering technology service companies to compete fiercely. Among them, Nabors of the United States has been operating the Saudi oil market since the 1930s, and has been firmly in the top position for more than 80 years, and no one can match it

in 2001, the drilling team of Zhongyuan Oilfield successfully entered Saudi Arabia, known as the world petroleum engineering Olympic Games, and became the first drilling team in China to enter the Saudi petroleum engineering market. It was named China No.1 (Si NO-1) drilling team in terms of content. With the firm belief of fighting for the honor and dignity of Chinese oil workers, China's No. 1 drilling crew has completed the transformation in the fierce competition and successfully integrated into the powerful Saudi market

working with giants, China's No. 1 drilling crew won respect and market for Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering team. From 2002 to 2004, all drilling rigs of Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering team were relocated in full tow. Among all contractors of Aramco, the relocation speed was the fastest, showing the speed of China to foreign contractors. From 2005 to 2006, the Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering team won the bid for 10 drilling rigs in a row, setting a record of 7 drilling rigs in the Saudi market and winning all of them at one time. In 2007, the Saudi market revenue of Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. exceeded US $100million for the first time, becoming a large-scale market with an output value of more than US $billion. The progress of Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering won the appreciation of Aramco. During the difficult period of the financial crisis in 2009, the 3+1 year contract of Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering was exceptionally extended, and it was successively allowed to enter all drilling construction fields with relatively large friction, such as exploration wells, gas exploration wells, large package wells, ultra deep wells, etc

2010, Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering team cooperated with Halliburton company of the United States to successfully realize the transformation from daily fee project to high-end large package well construction project in the Saudi market. From 2010 to 2012, the scale of drilling rigs of Saudi Arabia company of Zhongyuan Oilfield reached 23, ranking as the second largest strategic partner of Aramco in onshore drilling, and jumping into the list of the world's strongest petroleum engineering contractors

it is reported that on June 5 this year, Saudi Arabia company of Zhongyuan Oilfield won the large package service contract for side drilling of three new drilling rigs of Aramco, and the new drilling rigs will be put into construction next year. At that time, the leading position of Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Company as the largest onshore drilling contractor of Aramco will be more stable

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