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Changchun Automobile Industry College: build three lines of defense and do a good job in the logistics support of the college during the war and epidemic period

in order to win the resistance war against the COVID-19, Changchun Automobile Industry College is working with one heart and one mind, and the logistics support departments of the college are responsible for their respective duties, and firmly build "three lines of defense" for the teachers and students of the college

I. the school health center has built a "first line of defense"

1 The school health center has worked out a work plan since the outbreak of the epidemic. The medical staff in the school immediately resumed work and insisted on two medical staff on duty every day to provide diagnosis and treatment services for students and staff

2. Learn the latest diagnosis and treatment knowledge and do a good job in self-protection the school health office has closely followed the development trend of COVID-19 since its outbreak, and has organized the medical staff in the Institute to study the National Health Commission's diagnosis and treatment plan for COVID-19 and the documents of provincial and municipal authorities at all levels. Through training, medical personnel are encouraged to understand the transmission methods, epidemic trends and diagnosis and treatment methods of COVID-19, so as to ensure that medical personnel can do a good job in self-protection while updating disease control knowledge

3. To guide the disinfection and sterilization work and carry out training

according to the diagnosis and treatment plan for pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus (trial version 5), medical staff choose disinfectants sensitive to novel coronavirus, such as 75% ethanol, chlorine containing disinfectant, peracetic acid, etc. The medical staff conducted special training on disinfection and sterilization for the property staff through the model, introduced in detail the proportion and dosage of various disinfectants, and emphasized the precautions and taboos of different disinfectants in use and storage, so as to ensure that the disinfection and sterilization work in the school is scientific, effective and based on evidence

4. The isolation ward was improved, and the prevention and control materials were distributed. During the holidays, the isolation ward was further improved under the supervision of director yangdazhi of the Health Institute. Medical bedding was reserved and oxygen bags were equipped to provide necessary medical security services for the school. The health center is responsible for storing and distributing prevention and control materials (masks, disinfectants, thermometers, drugs, etc.), disinfection and sterilization all public areas of the school every day, eliminating the hidden dangers of virus transmission caused by personnel exchanges, and ensuring that the prevention and control of personnel in the campus are in place

II. Logistics support to build a "second line of defense"

1 In order to ensure a safe learning and working environment for all teachers and students after the school starts, the cleaners further strengthen the cleaning of the campus, actively do a good job in the ventilation, disinfection and cleaning of key places such as teaching buildings, classrooms, libraries, canteens and toilets, eliminate the conditions for the occurrence and prevalence of infectious diseases, and set up special garbage cans for discarded masks, Adapt to waste classification to avoid secondary pollution

2. Open the bathing pool regularly to create a safe bathing environment. During the school closure, students are not allowed to go out, and their clothing, food, housing and transportation have become a big problem. Knowing this information, the staff of the bath center gave up their holidays and came to the school early. While doing a good job of self-protection, they wiped and disinfected the door handles, faucets, wash basins, hair dryers and locker cabinets through the "double points" system with disinfectant, sprayed and disinfected the bath area as a whole, and did a good job in ventilation. With their hard work, they created a safe bathing environment for the students

3. Strictly implement management and control to ensure the catering service in the campus

in order to solve the dining problem during the epidemic period, the catering support team provides catering services to about 50 people in the school every day, carries out temperature measurement and screening of self and dining teachers and students every day, disinfection and sterilization is carried out in the kitchen and dining area, and the purchase and supply of food materials and garbage disposal are strictly controlled according to the prevention and control requirements

4。 Provide shuttle bus service to ensure travel safety

keep one shuttle bus in operation during holidays to ensure that some personnel on duty reduce contact with the outside world. All drivers and passengers wear masks for protection. Vehicles should be disinfection and sterilization every day

III. building a "third line of defense" with kinetic energy and infrastructure support

1 Kinetic energy ensures normal operation

during the epidemic period, in order to strengthen the management of the basement water pump room, the pump room operation and maintenance personnel are required to measure the temperature twice a day and disinfect the duty area. At the same time, they are also required to disinfect the basement drainage ditch and ponding well

2. Check the personnel of new projects to ensure that the anti anode cycle of the school is short and there is no dead corner of residual and extremely thick disease

according to the requirements of the school notice, manage the left on duty personnel of new projects in the school, establish the duty registration form, establish the prevention and control account of "new 30n coronavirus infected pneumonia", and report the situation of third-party personnel every day. (correspondent: zhanglina)


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