Changchai Youth League Committee organizes young p

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Changchai Youth League Committee organized young people to take the post in the call center on the rest day "a close contact with customers while giving full play to the functions of bioplastic packaging materials, a good opportunity for self-learning and improvement". The market is about to enter the busy farming stage, but the insufficient staffing of Changchai's call center is still a factor restricting the service quality. In order to serve the public and solve practical problems, it also provides a good opportunity for young people from all departments to learn and interact. On the basis of last year's activities, the Youth League Committee of Changchai has continued to carry out the post replacement work in the call center of the youth customer service department this year. After preliminary planning, this year, 8 young people from the general branch of technology, institutions and multi cylinder engines will participate in the training. After the training, the young people will benefit, but in fact, they do not have the obvious yielding stage like stretching, and go to the call center during the rest day. Through this activity, they will exercise their communication skills and emergency handling skills, and continuously enhance their awareness. SASAC


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