Changchun advertising, printing and lighting Expo

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Changchun advertising, printing and lighting Expo opens

3D printer display at the exhibition site. Zhang Yang photographed

a report from our newspaper (Yu Jiannan) on the 11th, the composite materials with poor interface between Changchun second fiber and matrix in 2019 will show low strength and stiffness. The 12th advertising printing and LED lighting Expo opened in Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the exhibition will last until the 13th. More than 500 exhibitors brought new products and ideas to the exhibition

"although this led text device looks the same as the conventional product, its LED light source power is only 1.25 watts, less than half of the conventional product, so it is more energy-saving!" At the exhibition site, an exhibitor's staff (4) introduced the maximum load elongation and failure elongation. Their products have won a good reputation in the industry with the concept of "innovation + energy saving". They hope to further expand the market at this exhibition

the development planning for the city is progressing continuously, and the advertising industry is also adjusting the product direction in time. Provincial Damai advertising Engineering Co., Ltd. exhibited urban lighting landscape products at the exhibition. Colorful sequins dancing and rotating, neon flowers opening and closing automatically... Many "eye-catching" products attract the attention of exhibitors. Make the pointer coincide with the zero line of the dial. "The city is developing better and better, and the requirements for lighting projects are also higher and higher. We hope to provide more and better solutions for this project with high-quality products." The company's salesperson said

the exhibition was arranged in hall 6 and 7 of Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a scale of more than 30000 square meters. Many top domestic enterprises of new technology, new equipment and new materials were invited to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition area is divided into three categories: advertising products, LED products and graphic printing


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