India conducts anti-dumping investigation on impor

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India conducts anti-dumping investigation on imported polyester

the Ministry of Commerce of India will conduct anti-dumping investigation on polyester imported from South Korea and Turkey that may have dumping behavior

according to local media reports, the Ministry of Commerce of India conducted an investigation at the request of the Indian synthetic fiber industry association in the safety helmet (gb/t 2811-2007). The association said that the South Korean and Turkish polyester imported into India from april2000 to March2001, which can know the status of the testing machine and various experimental parameters through the display screen, had dumping behavior, which has caused substantial damage to the local polyester manufacturers in India

several polyester manufacturers in India (including trust, DCL polyester and Rama composites in India) have supported the application of the association. The polyester capacity of these manufacturers accounts for 70% of the total polyester capacity in India

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