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Polyester industry chain drives PTA up under inflationary pressure

the domestic PTA market has continued to rise recently. The spot market price rose again and again. In the first week of November alone, it rose from 8500 yuan/ton to 9100 yuan/ton, an increase of 600 yuan/ton. As of yesterday, the spot price in East China had reached 12000 yuan/ton, and the downstream price rose to 11500 yuan/ton, an increase of 35.29% over the beginning of the month. Major domestic production enterprises such as Yisheng petrochemical and Far East Petrochemical have also opened the fast lane of price adjustment. According to the understanding of CHEMCHINA, the listing price of Yisheng Petrochemical was raised again by 1100 yuan/ton to 10500 yuan/ton in November. The whole market is boiling day by day, and the merchants' reluctance to sell appears

the author believes that the recent rise in PTA prices is the result of the joint promotion of the domestic economic environment and the upstream and downstream of the polyester industrial chain itself

on the one hand, since the second half of this year, the recent "sugar emperor" and "apple what" events have all reflected the madness of domestic hot money and the increasing inflationary pressure. In this environment, the rise in PTA prices may have been expected, and the uncertainty may be just a matter of time and range

on the other hand, the polyester industry chain itself is also in a "vigorous" state. The surge of upstream international oil price (WTI rose rapidly from $81.43/barrel at the end of October to $86.49/barrel at the end of last week) and the rise of PX (the Chinese market, where PX city in Asia has an indissoluble bond with Mandela, rose by $19/ton at the end of last week), supported PTA prices in terms of cost. The booming production and sales of polyester and polyester in the downstream and the high price of cotton, an alternative product, have also brought upward momentum to the PTA market. In addition, the recent centralized maintenance of PTA manufacturers has made some businesses take the opportunity to hype, which eventually led to the continuous rise of the PTA Market

in the face of high oil prices, upstream products will be in a high and volatile state in the near future, and the price of polyester substitute cotton will be difficult to reduce in the short term, coupled with the speculation of hot money. Overall, supported by many positive factors, PTA prices will continue to be high in the short term. The only thing that needs to be vigilant is the order receiving situation of the downstream polyester plant and the level of its psychological price line

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