Polyester is still dominated by flat finishing in

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Polyester is still dominated by flat finishing in the future.

although the quotation of spinning factories in the last two days is stable for most enterprises, some factories can have a discussion space of 100 yuan/ton when selling some varieties in consideration of the recent inventory situation. The center of gravity of the actual transaction price in polyester market also moved down. From the perspective of variety trend, it focuses on semi consumer 1 Liquid medium light fdy50d, 100d/72f and FDY bright 50d/36f must be added into the low-temperature bath before use. Aluminum processing enterprises have begun to develop from single raw material suppliers to solution providers (satin special silk). The production demand of 100d/72f silk like scarf fabrics has increased due to the formation of "Satin" series in Shengze area; The transaction volume of fdy63d products used to produce lining fabrics has increased, and the current market center price is between yuan/t. The market of POY silk directly used for weaving is still poor. Although the transaction volume of DTY and POY silk is small. However, FDY dayouguang and DTY Youguang have a relatively smooth market of more than 300D, which are mainly used for the production of Oxford cloth series bags. It is understood that the daily consumption of FDY dayouguang 300d-900d in Shengze area is about 300 tons. The downstream demand of FDY dayuoguang 75d/36f is also enlarged due to the dynamic pin of five satins sprayed with water. At present, although the production and sales rates of several spinning factories in Wujiang vary, up to%, and some factories exceed 100%. From the perspective of polyester chips, the mainstream price of chips outside the contract in Shengze market is about 10800 yuan/t. The overall wait-and-see atmosphere in the market is still lingering. Without the cooperation of large trading volume, it is difficult to form a driving force to drive the market higher. It is expected that the future market will be dominated by leveling the market

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