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The biennial India International Engineering machinery and Technology Exhibition (excon) was held in Bangalore, India from December 10 to 14. The exhibition began in 2000 and has become the largest exhibition with the highest degree of internationalization and specialization in South Asia

professor heqinghua, chairman of the group, and Mr. zhujianxin, deputy general manager of the group, together with the Shanhe team and the Indian rotary excavation agents, attended the exhibition, discussed with the agents the development plan of our company in India for the next year, and met with a number of VIP customers to discuss the beautiful blueprint of the Indian construction machinery market

the Indian rotary excavation agent (ACE) has strong strength. It once acted as an agent for many international rotary excavation brand products. After a long-term investigation on the technology, especially because it provides a method to create functional electronic equipment on 3D objects, and its performance, it finally recognized and chose Shanhe intelligence

it is reported that India's economic growth in 2018 ranked first in the world. The rapid development of the construction machinery industry in India has benefited from the continuous investment of the Indian government in infrastructure construction in recent years, as well as the development of road construction and farmland irrigation. Engineering projects have sprung up like mushrooms. The $91billion infrastructure project and the $1billion airport construction budget, the solution: both belong to the key investment decisions announced by the Indian government, and the road construction traffic volume is planned to increase from 27 ~ 28 km/day in 2017 to 48 km/day, which will make the Indian road mileage jump to the second in the world

looking into the future, we are full of confidence in the prospects of India's rotary excavation market. Shanhe intelligent will increase investment and continue to make efforts to cooperate with Indian rotary excavation agents to make Shanhe green all over India

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